Likenesses of Soldiers

of the

Sixth Maryland Infantry Regiment

Wounded at Locust Grove and Cold Harbor


Colonel John W. Horn, Commanding Officer,

Wounded In Action At Opequon Creek (Third Winchester)

"Col. John W. Horn, while encouraging his men to withstand one

of the enemy's assaults, was very dangerously wounded."



Lt. Colonel Joseph C. Hill, Commanding Officer,

Cited Numerous Times For Gallantry In Battle


Major J. C. Hill

Major Joseph C. Hill


Captain Adam B. Martin, Company H,

Died May 6, 1864 Of Wounds Received In Action At The Wilderness


Captain Clifton Prentiss

Captain Clifton R. Prentiss, Company F,

Died August 20, 1865 Of Wounds Received

During The Breakthrough Battle at Petersburg


Lt. James Touchstone

1st Lieut. James Touchstone, QM,

Discharged In October of 1864 On Account Of Service Related Disability


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