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The Sixth Regiment of Infantry, Maryland Volunteers, known as " The Fighting Sixth," was one of the two Maryland regiments (the First Regiment of Infantry being the other) classified by Colonel Fox as one of the three hundred fighting regiments of the war who suffered the severest losses.

The Sixth Regiment had certainly a very brilliant record, and during a long period of its service was a component part of the Sixth Army Corps, which rendered such splendid service to the Union cause, both under Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley campaign, and under Grant in the Wilderness and through to the end. Colonel John W. Horn, of this regiment, was promoted brigadier-general, and was afterwards at the head of several Maryland institutions, displaying rare executive ability in their management.


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Notes: Soldiers names in the company rosters that appear in blue are those that are blessed with descendants who have joined our association. The remarks shown in blue are those that have been added to the original data compilation by subsequent research of association members.


The 6th Regiment of Maryland Infantry (2d Brigade, 3d Division)

was a vital part of the Sixth Corps, Army of the Potomac



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