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Adam B. Martin. Appointed Captain September the 2nd 1862. A large number of Volunteers was secured to the company by his enlisting, he having served honorably through the Mexican War and being so ready and willing to again come forward in the defence of his county caused a large number of his friends to follow this example set them and enroll themselves in the same company. During the engagement at Locust Grove November 27th, 1863 he was wounded in the right leg and notwithstanding, that he suffered much from the wound, he positively refused to leave the company either during or after the engagement but continued with it until he was killed on the evening of the 5th of the following May. He died like a fine soldier although having been struck in the face by a bullet in the earlier part of the engagement, he remained at his Post with his face mangled and -- until stricken down in death some hours later, his body being carried back by some of his company and buried near Germania Ford on the banks of the Rappahannick.

Mellville R. Small. An honorable energetic unusually intelligent young man. Too Patriotic to remain at home while the country needed his services. Commenced recruiting in July 1862. On September the first he was in camp with a full company, declining to accept the Position of Capt. He was immediately appt. First Lieutenant. February 11th 1863 he was promoted Adjutant of the Regiment. During the first part of June 1863 he was detailed as Aid de-Camp on Genl Keifers Staff and while riding by himself a short distance from his camp in Loudon County Va. He was surprised and taken prisoner by a number of Bushwackers under command of Col Moseby of the Rebel Army. After being plundered and robed {sic} of everything he had with him, he was sent to Richmond Va and confined as a prisoner of War in Libby Prison, at one time being held as a hostage for a Rebel Captain sentenced by U.S Military authority to be shot. In company with a number of other Officers he made his escape but was recaptured several days after about Sixteen miles from Richmond and taken back to Libby where he remained until the following May having been confined in the Rebel Prison Pen for nearly a year. He rejoined his command on the 10th of June 1864 at Cold Harbor remaining with his command until the 19th of Oct 1864 being Mortally Wounded on that day in the Battle of Cedar Creek in the Shenandoah Valley Va He was taken to his home in Hagerstown (remainder of page gone).

James H. C. Brewer. Was appointed 2 Lieut. On the 2d of Sept. 1862. Was promoted to 1st Lieutenant Feb. 11th 1863 Serving as 1st Lieut until 1864 when he was commissioned Regimental Quartermaster which position he filled until the close of the war when he was honorably discharged. Returning to his home in Cedarspring, Washington County Md. Since married and has a baby at Topeka Kansas . (Last sentence added later in pencil).

James A Robinson. Appointed Orderly Sergeant of the company Aug 28th 1862. Promoted to 2d Lieut Feb 11th 1863. Resigned and honorably discharged the Service March 17 1864.

Wm. H. Abbecrombie. Was a First Lieut. in Company B of the Regiment which in the routing of Promotion caused him to receive the Captaincy of this company which situation he held until the close of the war, when, with the Regiment he was mustered out of service.

Alexander Leeds. Was the first recruit in the company appointed 4 Sergeant September 1862. was promoted 3d Sergeant Feb. 11th 1863 and 2d Sergt April 1st 1863Was detached and sent to Baltimore Md on recruiting service during the summer of 1863 Returned to Regt April 1864. Remaining with the company until Wounded in the Battle of Opequan near Winchester under Genl Sheridan on the 19th of Sept 1864 was Commissioned First Lieutenant January 21 1865 while in the (page torn) was wounded Feb. 21st he returned to his company taking command of it until the close of the war carrying in his body the ball which wounded him the previous September.

John R. King. Was with Genl Banks up in the Shenandoah Valley was captured and after a sojourn of three months in Salisbury Prison was released. On his arrival home he immediately enlisted in Co. H of the Sixth Regiment of Md. Infantry. Was appointed 2d Sergt. Sept 2d 1862 Promoted to 1st Sergt Feb. 11 1863 Serving faithfully with his Company until May 5 1864 when he was Severely Wounded in the Battle of the Wilderness In May 1865 he was commissioned 1st Lieut of Company C but still suffering from his wound he was unable to rejoin his command and was discharged from U.S.A. Genl Hospital in Frederick by reason of Disability from Wounds Received in Action. Engaged afterwards in Mercantile and he was given an appointment in the U.S. Custom House in Baltimore.

Adam Shank. Appointed 3d Sergt in September 1862 Reduced to Ranks by Regimental Order for disobedience of Orders April 1st 1863. Severely Wounded at the Battle of the Wilderness May 5 1864 and after being sent to several different Hospitals was discharged by reason of disability from Wounds received in action. Returning to his home in Hagerstown Md. He never recovered from the effects of his wounds but lived a life of suffering until the Spring of 1867 when the Grand Master of the Universe saw fit to Remove him “to that bourne from whence no Traveller ere returns”.

Thomas E. Koontz. Appointed to Sergeant September 1862 About the first of Nov. 1862 he obtained leave of absence to visit his home in Washington County Md. Was married and in less than two weeks after died of Typhus Fever, In his death the Company lost a noble hearted well deserving young man loved by all who knew him.

Charles Smith. Appointed 4 th Corporal Sept 2d 18 (Page torn) Promoted to 5 Sergt Dec 1st 1862 To 4th Sergt Feb11 1863 to 3d Sergt April 1 st 1863 To 2d Sergt. Feb 1 st 1865 and Reduced to Ranks April 2d 1865. Married while home (rest of page missing).

Stephen G. Martin. Appointed 5th Corporal Sept 2d 1862 Promoted to 5 Sergt April 1st 1863 To 4 Sergt. Dec 3 18-- he was a good faithful Soldier Serving until the end of the war when with the Regiment he was mustered out of service.

John C. Backdall. Promoted 1st Corporal Aug. 28 1862 To 5 Sergt April 1st 1863. Taken Prisoner June 1863 by a Squad of Mosebys Rebel Command immediately after the Battle of Winchester June 15 1863 Died June 1864 at Andersonville Ga. While a Prisoner of War. His death was caused by Starvation and Cruel Treatment by the Rebels.

Peter E. Kizer. Aged 42 years appointed Corporal August 28, 1862. He resigned his warrant on the 14 of Nov 1862. Was discharged April 29 1864 being Phisically {sic} disabled from performing his duties as a Soldier.

William Crissinger. Aged 19 years Appointed 3d Corpl Aug 28, 1862 Resigned his Warrant Dec 1st 1862. was absent sick in hospital for more than two years and his health improving he rejoined his Command in the Spring of 1865 in time to participate in the attack and Capture of Richmond & Petersburg Va. There, thinking that he had done his duty, returned to the Hospital remaining there until discharged Sometime after the Regiment had been mustered out of Service. During the time he was absent sick he imagined himself Surgeon in the Regular Army and established himself in an office at Martinsburg W. Va. Where he came to grief as Genl Seward U.S.A. had him returned to his command near Petersburg Va in irons & under guard. Much to the injury of his dignity.

Ferdinand H. Bikle. Aged 20 years. Appointed 6th Corporal Aug. 28 1862. Reduced to Ranks for absenting himself from his camp without leave January 18 18-- Taken Prisoner during the retreat from Winchester June (bottom of page tattered).

Daniel B. Reynold. Aged 27. Appointed Corporal August 28th 1862. Reduced to Ranks Nov. 2th 1862. Appointed 6th Corporal Feb 11 th 1863. Reduced to the Ranks as a Private Nov. 26 1863. both Reductions were for absenting himself from his camp without authority. In the engagement at Cold Harbor on June 1st 1864 he was severely Wounded and while in the Hospital Suffering from his wounds he was taken with Rheumatism, from which he died on the 29th of January 1865.

George B. Jennings. Aged 21 years An energetic trustworthy Young Man was appointed 8 Corporal August 28th 1862. To 7th Corporal September 14 1862 To 5th Corporal Dec 1st 1862. To 4th Corporal January 18 1862 (?) To 3d Corporal Feb 11th 1863 To 2d Corporal April 1st 1863. To 1st Corporal Nov 26th 1863 and to 1st Sergeant January 1st 1865 which position he filled faithfully until the Regiment was mustered out of Service

Jacob H. Adams. Aged 18. Appointed Corpl. Feb 12, 1863 Was Taken Prisoner July 1863 in Loudon County Va died at Andersonville Ga while a Prisoner from Starvation June 15 1864

John Adams. Aged 23 born in Germany was Wounded at the Battle of Locust Grove Va Nov 27 1863 loosing a portion of his Right Arm

Lewis L. Bachtell. Aged 21 Appointed Corporal April 1st 1863. Severly Wounded Nov 27th 1863 in the Battle at Locust Grove Va never being able to rejoin his command he was discharged from U.S. Genl Hospital

Andrew S. Bonebreak. Aged 18 as good and Brave a soldier as ever handled a musket. Always ready and always willing to go where the most danger was. Taken Prisoner on the retreat from Winchester June 15 1863

Michael Boward. Aged 29. Born in Germany. Deserted Nov. 20th 1862.

Amos Brandenburg. Aged 19 Appointed Corporal Nov 26th 1863 Accidentally Shot through the Foot while on Picket. April 1864 near Culpepper and capture of Richmond Va. Having to suffer the amputation of his right leg above the knee.

Leonard Breitmesser. Aged 19 Was appointed Corporal November 1863 Taken Prisoner June 1863 in the Shenandoah Valley Va.

Harrison Bridendolph. Aged 32 Deserted Sept 11 1862 immediately after the Payment of the bounty. Was arrested Nov 29th 1862. Sentenced by Court Martial to serve two years and six months in Fort McHenry and during that time to wear an iron ball weighing 20 pounds attached to his right leg by an iron chain four foot in length & at the expiration of the 2 Years and 6 months to have one half of his head shaved the buttons cut of his coat and a board on his back with the word “ Deserter” marked thereon to be drummed out of the military service of the U.S. to the tune of “The Poor Old Soldier”.

Talmon I. Brown. Aged 18 Taken Prisoner June 15 1863 at Winchester Va. Deserted July 26 1864 from Tenlytown.

James Clay. Aged 22 A Regular Bounty Jumper only remaining long enough with the company to get his One hundred dollar bounty.

Amos Davis. Aged 19 A true American Soldier as brave and daring as man could be. Was Wounded June 1st 1864 at the Battle of Cold Harbor Va 3d Corporal Nov 1 1864 2d Corporal April 2d 1865 Notwithstanding that he was severely Wounded at Cold Harbor he was only absent from his command a few days returning to duty while he was yet suffering from his wounds. He participated in every engagement that his company was in Serving for a while with great credit to himself in the Sharp Shooters belonging to the 6th Army Corps.

Wm Ditlow. Age 22 Prisoner June 15 1863 while on Retreat from Winchester Va was exchanged and Deserted from Camp Parole at Annapolis Md.

John C Eakle. Aged 24 Served his whole term as a teamster

Henry W. Fishach. Aged 21 Taken Prisoner June 15 1863 during retreat from Winchester

Jeremiah Fishach. Aged Taken Prisoner June 15th 1863 on the Retreat from Winchester. Appointed Corpl. December 1st 1864 Reduced for neglect of duty while on the march April 3d 1865

Frisby T Fisher. Age 19 Taken Prisoner June 15 1863 while on the Retreat from Winchester Promoted 7th Corporal April 3d 1865

John Fleckenstein. Aged 18. A good faithful soldier always ready for action and among the first to Volunteer for any dangerous Post or Expedition. Was Killed Sept 19th 1864 in Sheridan's fight at Winchester Va having eleven bullets shot through him.

Columbus Flory. Aged 25 Deserted from Harpers Ferry Va January 17th 1863 Voluntarily returned March 28 1864 Appointed Corporal March 20th 1865

Daniel W. Flory. Aged 19 Served through the whole term of his enlistment never being sick or wounded and never being absent from his command

Lewis Flory. Aged 22 Deserted January 18th 1863

John J. Flory. Aged 19 A True Man, one who could be relied on. Promoted to Corporal May 1864 and to Sergeant May 20th 1865.

Benjamin Flory. Served faithfully through the whole term of his enlistment.

Luther Fogler. Aged 36. Was a good and true soldier devoted to the cause for which he was fighting. Always ready and willing for any duty whatever never shirking from any Laborious or dangerous undertaking. Was appointed Corporal December 1st 1862 Reduced to ranks for absenting himself from camp without leave Taken Prisoner at Winchester June 15, 1863. Severely Wounded in the Battle at Fishers Hill Va Sept 21st 1864. Returning to his Regiment a few days previous to the assault & Capture of Richmond & Petersburg April 2d 1865 still suffering from his wounds, he participated in the Engagement making himself conspicuous by being one of the first men to climb the Rebel fortifications being Mortally Wounded in so doing. Died April 21st 1865 from the wounds received April 2d 1865.

George W. Fogler. Aged 23 Mortally Wounded in the Battle of the Wilderness Va. May 6th 1864 died May 24 1864 Left leg amputated & died from secondary hemorrhage{sic} in Hospital at Fredericksburg Va.

George W. Gans. Aged 21 A good reliable man served the whole term of his enlistment being discharged at the muster out of the Regiment Married and living in Smithsburg Wash Co Md.

James Hanes. Aged 48. Always foremost when the Rations were being dealt out and generally on hand at Pay Day. He seemed to be perfectly ignorant of the fact that soap and water would clean his face & hands. It would have been folly for the Doctor to have sent any Spiritus Frumenti by him to a sick comrade.

DeWitt Clinton Henneberger. Aged 33 Taken Prisoner June 15 1863 on Retreat from Winchester Va. Was Cook in the Hospital Department of the 6th Corps.

Freeland Hickman. Aged 19 Died April 8th 1863

Samuel Houser. Aged Appointed Corporal Dec 1st 1864

Jacob Hovis. Aged 32 Taken Prisoner June 15 1863. died in Petersburg Maryland 188-

Joseph H. Garrish. Aged 18 Served the full term of his enlistment (I saw Joe in jail for fighting during the month of January 1869 Leids) (later notation)

George F. Gossard. Aged 23 Deserted January 18, 1863.

Joseph W. Gouker Aged 22 Brigade Teamster Discharged for disability Nov. 10th 1863.

Elias Gouker. Aged 19 Taken Prisoner June 15 1863 during the Retreat from Winchester. Severely Wounded by an explosive bullet March 25th 1865 during the assault and capture of the Rebel Picket line in front of Petersburg Va. Married Dec. 1868 near Leitersburg Wash. Co. Penn. (later notation)

George W. Grim. Aged 21 Taken Prisoner June 15 1863 during the Retreat from Winchester Va Served some months in the Butchers department of 3 Division of the 6th Army Corps

Abraham Grove. Aged 72 Transferred to the Invalid Corps April 15 1864 being unable any longer to Stand the fatigue & Exposure of Camp and Army life.

James H. Harne. Aged 28 Deserted January 17 1863. Voluntarily returned to camp March 28 1864.

Hezekiah Irwin. Aged 33 Discharged at the expiration of his term of service

Thomas Ingram. Aged 18 Served with great credit to himself as a Sharp Shooter.

Daniel Jackson. Aged 22. Taken Prisoner June 15 1863 Deserted from Camp Parole at Annapolis Md.

Patrick H. Jennings. Aged 20. Appointed Corporal Feb 11th 1863 To 6th Corporal April 1st 1863 to 5th Corporal Nov 26 1863 To 4th Corporal Wounded at Battle Sailors Creek April 6 1865 The last fight the Regt was in.

William Jones. Aged 41. Discharged Dec 26 1863 by reason of Physical Disability

John J. B. Justice. Aged 27 Appointed Corporal April 1st 1863 Resigned. Detailed as Ambulance Driver of 3rd Division of the 6th A.C.

Patrick King. Aged 19 Deserted Sept 2d 1862 a bounty jumper

William H. King. Aged 21 Taken Prisoner June 15 1863 on Retreat from Winchester Va

George Kough. Aged 24 Deserted May 10 1863

James M Lowry. Aged 30 Taken Prisoner June 15 1863 during the retreat from Winchester Va. Detailed as Pioneer with 3d Div. 6 Corps de-Army

Charles A. Lowry. Aged 19 Served through the whole period of his enlistment and discharged with the Regiment June 1865

George Masters. Aged 21 Served through the whole period of his enlistment and with the Regiment was Discharged in June, 1865 Married and living near Smithsburg Washington Co Md. (later notation)

William Masters. Aged 18. Taken Prisoner during the Battle of the Wilderness May 5th 1864 being exchanged about a year afterwards he returned to his home a complete wreck of what had once been a Strong hearty young man. From Starvation and Cruel treatment he was entirely broken down and being no longer able or fit for military service he was Discharged from Camp Parole at Annapolis Md.

James McKenna. Aged 21. Brigade Teamster Charles Miller. Aged 22 Appointed Corporal Dec 1st 1863 Reduced to the Rank of a Private Feb 1863 Again appointed Corporal May 1st 1863 Severely Wounded in the Battle of Wilderness May 5 1864 Deserted Nov 10th 1864. In July 1866 he was keeping a Lager Beer Saloon in Williamsport Maryland

Levi Miller. Aged 21 A Good Soldier. Always pleasant cheerful and ready for duty Appointed Corporal January 1st 1865.

William W. Moore. Aged 24 Accidentally Shot at Williamsport Md by his most particular friend and comrade David Jackson by the careless handling of a loaded musket. Nov 13th 1863 he was a good soldier and Christian. His was the first death in the Company.

John W. Moore. Aged 18. A good little soldier always willing & ready for duty Appointed Corporal January 1st 1865

Jacob Newcomer. Aged 18 Slightly wounded at the Battle of Locust Grove Va Nov 27 1863 Mortally Wounded in the Battle of Wilderness Va May 5 1864 Died from Wounds May 27 1864

Joseph G. Norford. Aged 32 Taken Prisoner June 15 1863 during the Retreat from Winchester Va again Taken Prisoner during the Battle of Wilderness Va May 6th 1864 Starved to Death by the Rebels at Andersonville Ga. While a Prisoner of war in their hands.

John Penner. Aged 23 Deserted Sept 2d 1862.

George F. Picket. Aged 17 Transfered to the Invalid Corps and then Transfered back to his Regiment. Wounded at the Battle of Fishers Hill Va. Sept 21st 1864.

Amos Reynold. Aged 22 Brigade Teamster.

David Rife. Aged 21 Discharged for disability July 3d 1863.

Charles Robinson. Aged 14 The Drummer Boy of the Company. Taken Prisoner on the Retreat from Winchester June 15 1863. Deserted July 9th 1864.

George W. Seccore. Aged 37 Taken Prisoner June 15 1863 during the Retreat from Winchester Va. Deserted August 12th 1864.

Abraham Seidenshicker. Aged 20 Appointed Corporal April 20 1863. Discharged April 29” 1864.

John H Shields. Aged 38 Appointed Corporal January 15 1863 Resigned. Shot by a Rebel Sharp Shooter near Spotsylvania Court House May 9th 1864 loosing his arm near his shoulder he was shot by the same Sharp Shooter that a very few minutes afterward Killed Genl Sedgwick Discharged Feb. 3 1865 by reason of Disability from Wounds received in Action.

Andrew J. Sites. Aged 24 Severely Wounded at the Battle of Locust Grove Va Nov 27 th 1863 Discharged by reason of wounds received in action.

Samuel B Sterling. Aged 20 Appointed Corporal Dec 1st 1862 Reduced to Ranks for being absent from Camp without proper authority Feb 11 1863 and was Reappointed Corporal May 1st 1863

Abraham Stoner. Aged 19 Deserted January 18 1863

Jacob C. Studenwalt. Aged 25 Appointed Sharp Shooter 3d Div 6 A.C. where he served faithfully until the Regiment was mustered out of service.

John H Sweitzer. Aged Deserted Oct 21st 1862 Arrested Nov. 10 1862. Escaped from Guard House near Williamsport Nov 13th 1862 Rearrested Feb 1864. Discharged by Command of Maj. Genl Auger while in Confinement at Central Guard House Washington D.C. awaiting trial by Court Marshall as a Deserter

Daniel Watson. Aged 22. Killed in Action at the Battle of Locust Grove Va Nov 27, 1863.

Michael Thomas. Aged 18 Taken Prisoner June 15 1863 on the Retreat from Winchester Va. Deserted

George A. Weagley. Aged 21 Appointed Corporal Sept 14 1862 Died Feb 28th 1863.

Henry Young. Aged 46 Transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps April 15 1863 and from there he was Discharged by reason of Physical Disability

John M. Martin. Aged Appointed Sergeant Major of the Regiment Reduced to Ranks May 1st 1863. Deserted May 20” 1863

James F. Woodward. Aged 23. Illegally Drafted from the 4th Dist. Of Maryland June 27th 1864 for which the Secretary of War Ordered his discharge which he declined to accept. He served faithfully until the Regiment was mustered out of Service at the end of the war at which time he received his discharge and sent to his home in Gettysburg Pa.



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